Understanding and discovering the meaning of this concept

The myth of the life purpose

When someone comes to me for a soul reading, one of the questions I hear the most is ‘What is my life purpose?’ It’s a concept that’s been taken so far out of context that I had to write an article about it.

We have not one but many life missions. Yes, I know, the myth is collapsing. The mind and the ego liked it because it was reassuring.  But as multi-faceted beings, we take on different roles in our lives. We therefore have multiple purposes, or ‘missions’.

The purpose of our incarnation

Your life purpose is in fact the sum of the different roles you will have during your life. They can be chosen or suffered. For example, being someone’s parent or child. The job you do, which always teaches you something. The personality and values you embody, your passions, your qualities etc…

Yes, this makes the concept of a life purpose less glamorous. But your earthly responsibilities are just as valid as your more spiritual ones. And that’s fine. We have to stop thinking that we have to be more than we are currently. We can progress, of course, but titles and status are illusory, either way.

Remember to honor your current life missions before looking for more complex answers. Of course, there are people who incarnate for a specific purpose, I’m not saying otherwise. There are some who will be greatly facilitated in their progression. There are some who find their way very quickly and others who will have more difficulty. But that doesn’t mean that a spiritual life purpose is more valuable than earthly ones.

Discover the rest of the article in part 2.

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