Elements magic

In shamanism and in most animist traditions, there are four elements: water, earth, air and fire, plus a fifth central one: spirit or ether.

Each element has its own alchemical symbol.  During your rituals or shamanic practices, you can use each element in matter, but also in its many etheric forms.

All elements have a specific use and possess what are known as the elementals: they are the spirits of the elements. 

Water magic

Water is an element connected to feminine energy and emotions. It’s the element of choice when you need emotional peace or when you want to set intentions to the universe. Water has memory and is charged with the energy that surrounds it.

Salt water is particularly purifying, while fresh water is conductive, transmitting and adaptable. Use the type of water that suits your intention when working with it.

Earth magic

The earth is an element connected to feminine energy and creation. It is in the earth that everything takes root, it is in the earth that everything is created. It is a very nurturing, reassuring and maternal element. It has a unique capacity for absorption and transmutation.

Connect with the earth element when you need to ground yourself and get back to basics, to your heart and to the present moment.  You can give it what you no longer need in order to lighten yourself. Mother earth is very loving. 

Air magic

Air is an element connected to masculine energy. It’s a quite elusive yet essential element. Air knows no limits, no barriers. It can penetrate anywhere, even in the most restricted environment. It is omnipresent.

Use air when you need to step back from a situation. You can use it to both charge and discharge an intention, depending on its intensity. To begin with, focus on the air flowing through you, using shamanic breathwork.

Fire magic

Fire is an element connected to masculine energy. It is by nature one of the most powerful elements, but also one of the most dangerous. So be careful. Fire is untamable and unconditional.

Use fire when you need to destroy something, without regret. Fire carries you through a new beginning to purify what needs to be purified in your past. It is an element that requires inner wisdom and experience to work with. 

Ether magic

Ether is not really an element. It’s the central element that binds all the others together. It is the centerpiece. It is equally connected to feminine and masculine energy. For most humans, the ether remains a mystery. Even those with clairvoyance see in fact very little of it.

The ether contains a multitude of dimensions and spirits that live in its realms. Some are luminous by nature, some demonic, others neutral. The ether is the energy that surrounds you, what some call the invisible.  Learning to work with etheric magic is a true initiation.


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