Welcome to the sacred womb of the dark mother,

The place where anything starts and everything ends.

Her fertile soil awaits your grains,

Let me guide you to her…





Welcome to the sacred womb cave of the black mother, called goddess of the black moon, war and death. The one who welcomes what nobody wants, what sometimes even ourselves don’t want to see, and transmutes it.

She brings us back to our cyclical nature, being either both fierce fire, destroyer of the old and gentle, fertile cocoon for renewal. 

She teaches us to return to our roots, to the origins of creation, showing us how death and rebirth lie in all things. 

Entering her temple frightened, coming out of it awaken, grown, changed, alive.  Is she fierce and hard as she is said to be? She embodies compassion itself but is also the mirror of truth. Deep uncomfortable truth, hidden in the shadows.

From her shadow, light is born. Through it, we die. Through it, we are born. Through it, we grow.

Her story begins at the origins of the world but is buried under centuries of patriarchy. Religions have tried to silence her, sometimes even blaspheming her. 

They have tried to make women into nothing more than virgins and mothers, terrified by the strong, creative sexual energy of a woman in her full power. 

They have tried to kill the medicine women, terrorized by the raw and non-submissive power of the magicians, priestesses and oracles. They have tried to stifle the energy of the black mother. 

Guardian of transcendence, she opens up her womb cave, making me one of her guides, so that the seekers of ancient knowledge can pay her a visit. 

Seva is a shamaness, inner transformational guide and initiator of the primitive shamanism lineage.

Specialized in energetic hygiene, she offers different types of personalized support sessions, in order to assist incarnated souls on their spiritual journey. 

From the depths of darkness to the purest rays of light, inviting us to birth ourselves unconditionally.

"Les 3 étapes de création d'un autel chamanique"

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"3 steps to create a shamanic altar"

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