Prices for guidance sessions “From darkness to light”

(Payment by instalment possible)

Soul reading


100 €


  • 1 session


 350 €

  • 1 session
  • 1 follow-up session
  • Soul reading
  • Energy healing and cleansing included
  • Access to Seva via Whatsapp


 600 €

  • 2 sessions
  • 1 follow-up session
  • Soul reading
  • Energy healing and cleansing included
  • Access to Seva via Whatsapp


 1500 €

  • 7 sessions
  • Follow-up included
  • Soul reading
  • Energy healing and cleansing included
  • Access to Seva via Whatsapp


 2700 €

  • 13 sessions
  • Follow-up included
  • Soul reading
  • Energy healing and cleansing included
  • Access to Seva via Whatsapp

Prices for sessions (after a guidance)

  • Monthly cleansing : 150 €
  • Quarterly cleansing (2 to 11 months) : 250 €
  • Yearly cleansing : 300 €

Follow-up session for guidance, channeling and other : 90 €

Other prices

  • Children and baby session : 250 €
  • Place cleansing : 250 €
  • Healing session for an animal : 80 €
  • Pathology sessions (cancer, illness, etc.) : 50 € per session – formula of 4 sessions over 21 days with possible renewal
  • Vaccine cleansing : 50 €

Motherhood guidance

(Payment by instalment possible)



60 €


  • 1 meeting session
  • Access to Seva between sessions via Whatsapp

Conscious motherhood guidance

 900 €

  • 7 sessions
  • Access to Seva between sessions via Whatsapp

Post-natal healing

 250 €

  • 2H session
  • Access to Seva via Whatsapp

Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that this coaching will benefit me on a spiritual and personal level ?

The practice of energetic cleansing allows one to free oneself from blockages and negative energies. It is a key step in personal and spiritual development. To evolve, we must go through cleansing. It is the safest way to advance on our spiritual path. It creates a renewal and allows us to move on. The practice of evolutionary cleansing is reliable and time-tested. There are no gurus, activities or strange cults. Everyone is welcome with their faith. The sessions are between you and me prioritizing a relationship based on trust.

What guarantees me the high quality of the coaching with Seva ?

Each person is unique, so the guidance and care you receive will be unique. At the contrary to what is often offered in the spirituality field, this coaching is exclusive because it is personalized and of high quality. The sessions will guide you towards a greater personal affirmation and a spiritual radiance. This is what you need if you want to experience something truly different.

What will I experience that is not already being done in the spiritual and therapeutic environment ?

That’s a very good question. The sessions I offer are shamanic healing sessions done in incorporation, meaning that the guides who are to work on you do so, through me, I am guided into the sessions, in a trance state. It is an original gift, not very common and therefore fundamentally different because it allows a direct connection with the divine. The sessions are done in guidance, with a wide range of possibilities and individual follow-up, always overlooking the intention of returning to oneself and reconnecting to one’s divine potential. 

Will I make it through the transformation process ?

The coaching, meaning the different sessions and the follow-up are personalized. It is not like online trainings where we are left on our own, and sometimes we tend to give up. I guide each person to the “end”. The person does not manage his or her evolution alone. The “end” is different for each person and finding accuracy in differences is my responsibility as your guide. The coaching takes place in simplicity and trust. The goal is to be at ease and to go at your own pace.

It's too expensive and I'm not sure I'm getting my money's worth.

How much is worth living a different life to you? The personal work I propose can either save you years of therapy, workshops and treatments that will only work temporarily because the roots and causes would not have been treated. Or it can allow you to conclude years of personal work to open a new chapter. In addition, once the initial coaching is done, the desired follow-up sessions, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly, are at a relatively lower cost. I would add that I also offer a wide range of options for cleansing and healing sessions in the coaching. This actually makes it a bargain.

I feel unsettled about undertaking such intense personal work.

This is understandable, but know that you will not be alone. What counts is the first step. There is time for integration. It’s not just a session and then you are on your own. I am committed to creating a climate of trust with the people who consult me. I am very attentive to your needs, very human and we go at each person’s pace, because everything is fair. 

Will I have to invest in tools? What will I need specifically ?

We will practice a sustainable and minimalist spirituality, that is to say the only material things that are really compulsory are a journal and a pen, for personal reflection. We will work with divine energy and therefore no need for stones, instruments, pendulums, unless you resonate with them. The real connection to divine source does not need any techniques. We as humans, are the channels, and the instruments.


None of the sessions are alike one with the other, Seva knows how to perfectly adapt herself to our needs and exceeds our expectations. With her, I could do a deep work like I’ve never done it before. As time went by, my psychic abilities developped themselves and got more acurate.

Thank you so much for your empathy, your professionalism and your generosity Seva !


I have met Seva during a delicate period in my life, thanks to word of mouth. 

She knew how to reassure me with her heartfelt listening, smart advice and of course performing healing on me with her abilities which was efficient. 

Several problems to which she has been able to answer. 

Being from the spirituality world and a good observer, I noticed her ability to adapt, to put herself in question regarding  the variety of the current energetic/spiritual evolutions and challenges of our time. 

I have recommended Seva to several people from my intimate circle, they have appreciated. 



Seva has helped me during different stages of my life, for specific topics but also just for personal development. It’s simple, I was waiting for the next session impatiently every time. Sessions are all different, very adapted, and even without talking about it before, she always guided me towards the right things with an incredible session that always felt crazy good. So for all of that, thank you Seva.


Hello I am one of Seva’s client I have called her several times for exorcism sessions, healing, guidance Seva is a person with an incredible strength and a lot of heart you can trust her one hundred percent without her I would be in a grave already those who know what possession of a human body means would understand she has prevented me from dying clearly thank you seva for all you are doing for me for us for all may god minds you and protects you from all of his power 🦋💜🙏🏼


Meeting Seva in person has been a great discovery, which helped me to progress in my life, her amazing sessions have helped my son to progress as well, traditional medicine would never have helped him in this way and would have imposed him years of psychotherapy with questionable results, in one month with Seva he found appetite for life again, of course her sessions are special you need to have an open mind but they are efficient! She also takes care of animals. The example I give you is my dog who used to be very sick and not improving, a two year old dog without energy and low ears, with one session and another one he was himself again incredible ! I was so happy again that he was able to live a normal dog’s life, I am so happy to have met Seva by a happy chance.  🌸


We have called Seva for our 7 months old daughter who had sleep problems, she wasn’t able to link sleep cycles or to sleep alone in her bed. 

Seva has listened well and has been very understanding regarding our situation, she performed two sessions on our daughter over several days and one week after the last one, our daughter fell asleep in her bed and now links sleep cycles. We are extremely grateful for Seva’s work and we recommend her one hundred percent. 


Seva has helped me a lot since the first session. She is a good listener and has a strong connection allowing her to perform high quality healing. I do one session per year with her which brings me a lot and allows me to evolve in my life. I am very grateful to her for all the attention and energy she gives me. 


There is no chance, all happens in its own time. Seva has been recommended to me for an important cleansing. She is reassuring, encouraging and she explains, it helped me to understand myself better and to progress on my life path. 

I recommend her to you without hesitation. 


Séva knew how to answer all my questions, fill my doubts and my fears which allowed me to progress fast in my life and to reconnect with my soul and myself. 

Thank you 🤩


I have received a big session from Seva and I am very happy about it. I felt better instantly and she got what was blocking me from progressing and was able to neutralize it. Seva is also very available to answer questions and helps to better understand r what is going on before and after the session. I won’t hesitate to recommend her to those who are seeking an efficient, powerful and at the same time very grounded healer


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