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My story

primitive shamaness

Descendent of a Maronite priests’ ancestral line and a grandmother who was a healer, I rediscovered my psychic gifts in 2016 while living in Ireland. I experienced an unforgettable trance during which I received certain spiritual keys. I had always been sensitive to the invisible, but I was lost in the fog of adulthood and some teenage hood remnants, by then at the dawn of my 22nd birthday. 

This awakening took me by surprise, but I chose to accept who I am. This trance experience, which I didn’t seek out and just happened, enabled me to rediscover myself as a complete being. I have since then lived and I continue living a conscious life, in connection with divine energy, its manifestations and, of course, the multiple facets of my soul.

So it was quite natural for me to start putting myself at the service of other people in search of the invisible, of understanding, healing and personal development. In fact, 2 years later I was asked to be called Seva -my birth name is Séverine- which (I didn’t know until much later) means “to be of service” or “act of service” in Hinduism. Since then, I’ve been working with people who consult me and offering my services to those who feel the call.

What I offer

I work in incorporation, which means that my soul and allied spirits or guides act through me. This enables a direct connection with the divine, during trances when I am guided to act on people in different planes. In this way, the type healing and cleansing I do is purely shamanic, because I become the link between the visible and the invisible, the channel through which healing and alchemy take place. This is the practice of connection that I call primitive shamanism.

I don’t use any particular techniques or traditions. I simply put my abilities at the service of others. I work with energy, both in person and online. I belong to the family of warrior of light who work for love, divine energy and the liberation of souls in all planes.

People who come to me do so for all sorts of reasons, so much that it would be impossible to give precise examples. It’s a journey, a personal quest, that brings people to me. A need to grow and reconnect to what’s essential. A return to our roots, to the origin of creation.

What drives me

It’s the energy of the black mother, divine mother, mother of all rebirths that carries us. The one who grants us new beginnings, who keeps and transforms what no longer serves us. 

Kali, Macha, Sekhmet, Hecate, Morrigan, Yemoya, the Black Virgin, Freya, Innana, Oya, Durga and of course Isis. 

All are One. All are manifestations of her presence. 

Beyond her many faces and representations, she is above all an Essence.

She lends us her sacred womb so that we can plant the seeds of our transformation and evolution. 

Today she is opening her womb cave and making me one of her guides, so that the seekers can visit her. 

Looking forward to our journey together.

Sincerely yours

Seva,  primitive shamaness

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