Energetic guidance and motherhood

Energetic guidance and motherhood : Motherhood, whether it comes from the deep desire to give birth or the acceptance of a child at conception, is a unique and sacred experience. The divine couple merges to create a being in their own right, an heir, a witness to the union that takes place. For several months, the woman will experience unity with one, or sometimes several other souls, who will benefit from her creative matrix and grow up under her energetic protection. The soul grows in a small body, microscopic at first, cradled and nourished by the placenta, in perfect harmony. In the heart of darkness, we all begin.

Motherhood embodies the feminine creative process in its purest, most ‘material’ principle. It is only one of the creative aspects of womanhood, although it is the most transcendent and initiatory. From woman, she becomes mother. Throughout her life, the cyclical woman will never stop creating, conceiving and reinventing herself.  She is invited to embody the sacred feminine principle, warm and nurturing. The father is also spiritually “pregnant”. From man he becomes father, and is also invited to embody the sacred masculine principle of being a protector and a pillar. The mother takes care of the baby, the father takes care of the mother.  Everyone is going through upheavals at their own scale. Pregnancy, although sometimes physically painful for the mother-to-be, is an enchanted, magical time.

Carried out by my humble experience as a young mother, I’m here to provide energetic support from conception to post-natal care. My treatments and support are totally personalised and tailored to your needs and those of your baby. We’ll work through meditations, journeys and visualisations, and I’ll do energy healings as needed. 

The value of what I offer lies in the spiritual support I provide. This mainly involves facilitating the incarnation from soul to baby, from invisible to human, from celestial to material, so that alignment is as complete as possible. But also to stand with you as a parent through this period of great inner upheaval, during this extraordinary spiritual initiation.

*I’d also like to add that I provide energetic and spiritual support to help you achieve greater harmony during the experience of motherhood. I also offer subtle keys to understanding motherhood as a divine and original phenomenon, but I invite you to get in contact with a doula for a more holistic type of support.

Fertility Guidance

1 introductory session, followed by an offer tailored to your needs

The desire to have a child is an important step. Sometimes blockages appear, which can be due to a variety of reasons… Fertility healing sessions enable me to support you as closely as possible throughout the conception period. As every woman and every couple is different, I suggest a first appointment to take stock of your situation and to be able to channel an offer just for you .

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Energetic guidance and motherhood

7 sessions

Pregnancy is an extraordinary opportunity for a couple to get to know their child and welcome him or her in the best possible way. The mother, who is their matrix, their sacred den, their cocoon, literally carries the child on all levels. It’s easier for her to connect with her child’s soul and receive information about their life purpose, aspirations, their origin, their wishes once born (their first name(s), the place of birth, the place where the child wants to live), but also their desire for food, and the experiences they want to have during pregnancy.

The aim of this guidance is to benefit from follow-up sessions in order to re-sacralise pregnancy as a transcendental spiritual experience, with childbirth as a point of passage and rupture. We will explore different aspects of conscious motherhood to strengthen the spiritual bond between mother and child, which is also a teaching for her and the father. The idea is for the mother to receive the keys she needs to communicate with the child she is nurturing. To achieve this, each session will be tailored to the mother’s needs, so that the guidance is as close as possible to the unique needs of each woman and her unique baby. Couple sessions are also available if desired.

1st session : Introduction, definition of needs, desires, themes to be treated which will define the future accompaniment

Possible example: 

2nd session : Woman and pregnancy

3rd session : The couple and pregnancy

4th session : Sexuality during pregnancy

5th session : The baby and their soul

6th session : Fears and doubts related to childbirth

7th session : The birth and the postpartum period


2nd session : The spiritual pregnancy

3rd session : Honoring yourself as a woman and a mother

4th session : Connecting to your baby, getting to know your baby

5th session : The couple and the baby

6th session : Childbirth as an initiation journey

7th session : Preparing to welcome your baby

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Post-partum sessions

During pregnancy, the mother shares her body, blood and energy with that of another soul. The same is true of her emotions. Her children’s cells can even be found in hers decades after pregnancy. This tells a lot about the imprint that is left. The physical, spiritual and energetic bond between mother and child is undeniable. She was the channel of light that facilitated their incarnation. But to find our place and build ourselves as individuals with our own path, we all need to return to our own energy. This is the aim of this treatment. We work on traumas linked to pregnancy, childbirth and/or the post-partum period, freeing the child and mother from any toxic ties that may remain. It is healing for the mother, but the child also benefits from it. It creates an energetic relief and reinforces a healthy, luminous bond of love. Every session is of course personalised.

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