A chakra is an energy center.

It is like the wheel of a mill. 

Its role is to let energy flow smoothly and harmoniously.

A chakra can become polluted and fail to fulfill its role. It can be over or underactive, creating an imbalance.

You have seven main chakras, and many more in the ether. The main chakras are located in your physical body. Each chakra corresponds to a specific place in your body.

I’ll  introduce them to you one by one.

Root chakra

“I am”

Stability and presence

Physically, it is located in the lower part of your spine, but it reigns over all of your lower body (hips and kidneys) right down to your feet.

It can be unbalanced if you don’t pay attention to your basic needs (eating and sleeping), or if you’re in the past or in the future too much and not enough in the present.

Fear is what blocks it.

It represents your foundations, your roots, what you build yourself and your life on.

It is your link to Mother Earth.

Sacral chakra 

“I feel”

Creativity and sensuality

Physically, it is your reproductive zone and your sciatic nerve.

It is the chakra of the senses, of pleasure, abundance, sexuality and well-being.

It can be unbalanced if you’re always active without resting and calming moments.

Guilt is what blocks it.

It corresponds to your ideas, your dreams, your desires, your creations, your fulfillment.

It is the chakra of your primal instincts.

Solar plexus chakra 

“I do”

Originality and personal power 

Physically, it is your digestive system and your internal organs (pancreas, liver), as well as muscles such as the diaphragm.

It is the chakra of confidence, willpower and power.

It can be unbalanced if you’re undervaluing yourself or if you think you’re better than others.

Shame is what blocks it.

It represents your unique self, your inner flame, your personal power.

It is the chakra of your earthly identity.

Heart chakra

“I love” 

The heart cave

Physically, it corresponds to the heart, chest and lungs.

It’s the chakra of love.

It can become blocked if you keep too many painful emotions inside of you or if you give everything to others without limits, i.e. without really loving yourself.

Hatred is what blocks it.

The heart chakra is the jewel of life.

It represents your connection to divine wisdom, compassion, peace and joy.

It’s your energy center. 

Throat chakra 

“I express”

Expression and truth 

Physically, it corresponds to the throat, thyroid, ears, nose, mouth, vocal cords and respiratory system. It is the heart’s chimney. If your heart is suffering, your throat chakra is bound to be out of balance.

It can become blocked if you prevent yourself from speaking and expressing your emotions, or if you are constantly talking in a diffuse and shallow way. Lying is what blocks it.

It is the chakra of language, communication, honesty, clairaudience and, of course, your unique voice.

Third eye chakra 

“I see”

Inner sight and intuition

Physically, it corresponds to your eyes, sinuses and pineal gland. It is the chakra that allows you to dream, visualise or imagine. Your eye that sees the invisible.

It can become unbalanced if you spend too much time in front of screens or if you hold limiting mental beliefs.  Illusion is what blocks it.

It is the seat of your intuition, your ideal GPS, the key that can give you access to ancient wisdom. It helps you with shamanic journeys, telepathy and clairvoyance.

Crown chakra

“I understand universal wisdom”

Being one with the divine

Physically, it’s your head, brain, skin and hair, but also your spine and your nervous system. It is the chakra of unity with the divine.  

It can get blocked if you don’t have faith or if you’re always trying to be right. What blocks it is attachment.

It is the chakra of acceptance, detachment, elevation, gratitude and harmony. It brings you unity, a link with all that is, universal consciousness and a connection to God or the source.

This is your link with Father Sky.

The thymus

The thymus is the deepest layer of your heart chakra. It is said to be located between your heart chakra and your throat chakra. Your heart chakra is actually made up of your physical heart, your spiritual heart and your karmic heart.

The thymus is your karmic heart. It is etheric. It is the layer of your heart that contains all your experiences, memories and traumas, whether from previous lives or from this incarnation.

When you begin the work of healing and personal transformation, the thymus clears and lightens. When it’s healthy and activated, it’s as if, by purifying your karmic heart, you’re opening the door so that your spiritual heart can blossom.

Your spiritual heart connects you to unconditional love, divine love, the etheric worlds and, of course, your soul. 

The aura

Your aura is made up of all your chakras. 

It is the auric field. In the kundalini yoga tradition, your aura is your eighth chakra.

Your aura is like a bubble of light or an egg around you.

It’s your presence, your energetic vibration, your magnetism.

Your aura also protects you from outside intrusions, which is why it’s so important to have a healthy chakra system.

An unhealthy aura can be fragmented or “perforated”.

You now know all the main chakras and their role in your energetic body.

Blessings ❤️🙏❤️

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