7 rules for traveling safely

Shamanic journeying is a process by which you can leave your physical body and travel through different dimensions. So it’s not your body that’s travelling, but your soul, or what we call etheric bodies, or light bodies. This gives you greater freedom of action because you are not contained by the physical 3D.

When you go on a shamanic journey, you may encounter etheric beings or spirits, some benevolent (often called guides) and some not (like demons). 

Here are 7 rules for travelling safely, even though there is no such thing as zero risk.

  1. Don’t be disturbed

Sit down in a private, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. If you set off on a journey and someone interrupts you, you may become disorientated and find it difficult to return to the here and now, or even to ground yourself. So be careful.

  1. Travel when you’re in the heart vibration

It’s important to travel in a calm and quiet state of mind, so that you can attract high vibrations and not be vulnerable. To centre yourself, you can connect with your heart zone a few minutes before you start. If you feel nervous or afraid, postpone your journey.

3. Choose a specific intention

This could be a visit to a particular place, or a meeting with one of your guides, but I’d advise you – especially at the beginning – to set off with a specific intention so that you can access the information you’re looking for more easily.

4. Activate your protection

As with all energy practices, protection is important. I suggest that you activate your auric protection so that you can travel safely. This is the halo of light created by your vibration and all your chakras. To do this, visualise yourself in a bubble or an egg of light. Take the time to feel it.

5. Find your switch

The switch is the state of consciousness that allows you to let go and embark on a shamanic journey. In other words, you’ll no longer be in your mind, but in the process of wandering through the etheric worlds. This may be a particular position or a musical atmosphere. This is what the famous shamanic drums are used for, among other things.

6. Go through the door

I advise you to connect to your heart, and then to visualise something that you will use as a door. This is the tool that will take you out into the dimensions, like a cosmic door that gives you access to the invisible worlds. It could be a cloud that appears in front of you and takes you up into the sky, or a vessel you enter that serves as an airlock, a staircase, a door, a tunnel, a trap door etc. At first, always use the same door, then with experience, the right one will come naturally.

7. Don’t travel alone

Before pressing the switch, call the light guides who will be going with you. You may feel one guide or several, it doesn’t matter. At first you may not be able to see them, but you need to be sure to feel their presence. Ask them to protect you and tell them your intention. Your guides can also help you to travel and press the switch so that you can go through the door you have chosen. You can travel on the back of an eagle or a dragon, for example.

Wishing you a safe journey!

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