How to use your creative power to achieve your goals

The initial state of mind

To make positive affirmations work, believing in yourself is the first step. Then, what will make the difference is regularity. You need to stick to at least one 22-day cycle.  

You must really trust that you deserve what you are going to affirm solemnly, with all your faith, for 3 weeks. This is essential.

You also need to believe that even if you don’t get what you want word for word, you’re still getting what’s right for you, and you need to accept and respect that.

Choosing positive affirmations

The choice of positive affirmations is important. I advise you to choose 3 positive affirmations to start with. They can be about anything, but they should always begin with “I” and be positively worded.

For example, someone who has troubles speaking in public because of a lack of confidence might choose the following affirmations:

“I have self-confidence

I express myself with ease

I love myself”.

Note that I would advise against using sentences like “I stop putting myself down” or “I’m not afraid of public speaking”. If you formulate your statements in this way, it’s because you need to find the opposite in order to have the right wording.

How does it work?

The information is integrated into your subconscious mind as truth. This process lasts for at least 3 weeks because it’s what it takes for your cells to renew themselves. In other words, the new information is fully brought to light and accepted within you after this time.

The best thing to do is to choose a time of day to integrate the positive affirmations ritual into your routine and not forget about them. If you forget a day, you have to start the whole 22-day cycle again.

To say the positive affirmations, look deeply into your eyes, in the mirror. This can bring up uncomfortable feelings, especially if you’re someone who finds it hard to trust yourself. You’ll see that the results are quite rapid and it will make you feel good!

If you find saying the affirmations too difficult, perhaps you need to start some deeper personal work, and I can help you with that.

I invite you to check the “guidance” page on my website for more details.

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