An approach to uncover your spiritual life purpose 

Towards a spiritual life purpose

A spiritual life purpose is an energy that drives you and on which you can count. But it can also be something you really need to achieve, and so you may sometimes have to go through certain experiences. Either way, this concept keeps on fascinating people who are interested in spirituality. 

Indeed, what could be more human than wanting to find one’s place? To find meaning in life? To know our divine origins?

Following on from part 1 of this article, and after making a few clarifications, I offer you a few tools to uncover information about your spiritual life purpose.

The spiritual life purpose and numerology

You can try an approach based on numerology. This approach will enable you to calculate your life path, and then you can choose to interpret it using Tarot de Marseille or ‘classic’ numerology.

You need to add up your date of birth to arrive at a number between 1 and 22 for interpretation with Tarot de Marseille, otherwise you can go beyond that.

For example, someone with the following date of birth:

22 + 5 + 2000 = 2027 so 2+2+7=11

You can stop there and interpret the 11 with Tarot de Marseille but you can also continue and add 1+1=2 and end up with the 2 in order to use ‘classic’ numerology (from 1 to 9).  All you have to do now is find the numerology meaning of these numbers.

Using channeling to discover your spiritual life purpose

If you prefer a more conscious, inner approach, and are comfortable with channeling, you can use meditation and visualisation. You can ask your guides to show you. Ask them clearly to “show me my spiritual life purpose” and let yourself be guided. 

Be patient, as you may not get an instant answer. It may come later. You may have access to very precise or very vague information; there are no real guarantees, but everything is fair.

If you want to discover more about your spiritual purpose -as well as lots of other valuable information for your spiritual growth- you can also do a soul reading with me.

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