The third trap: the mind


The third trap we must face during our spiritual growth is that of the mind. The mind is the most insidious trap and the most difficult to detect. It requires constant attention, especially for those who channel and provide healing for others. The mind can quickly become overheated. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts, the mental load, the need to explain everything, the need to be right, to know ‘the truth’. We want to understand the whys and wherefores. We want to classify and categorise everything. This creates an energy overload that is detrimental to our spiritual growth, but also to our mental health. The energy gets blocked in the third eye and can’t go up to the crown. Divine connection with the universe and experiencing ourselves as living beings belonging to a greater whole becomes difficult.

Characteristics :

The trap of the mind can also lead us to adopt someone else’s way of doing things, to follow established protocols. This may be reassuring at first, but it becomes problematic because by living someone else’s truth we prevent ourselves from living our own. In its all-consuming desire to understand and categorise, the mind can lead us down the wrong path. 

During our spiritual growth, an overload of energy in the mind can distort our perceptions, making it difficult for us to distinguish truth from falsehood and good from evil.

Illusions can also lead us to desire things without taking into account the realities. Our thoughts and actions are not anchored, and this blocks our ability to manifest what we really want.

It should of course be mentioned that the mind can also cloud our visions and our ability to use our third eye. The trap of the mind leads us into illusions and we get lost in their labyrinth. It contains us in a language, in a culture or religion, in a timeline and in a precise plan, or worse, in a projection of the ego. Screens are also a source of mental imbalance because instead of traveling with our third eye in the different dimensions in which we coexist, we are limited to our physical vision, that of matter, which although useful, is limiting for spiritual growth.

Another aspect of the mind trap is the over-intellectualisation of spirituality. This often happens when we feel the need to cling to a specific piece of knowledge, an absolute truth. This reassures us because certain aspects of the universe are so unsettling, given the infinite laws that govern it and the mysteries it contains. Unwittingly, in our society, we are subjected to the reign of the mind. The need to explain everything dominates, the need for control guides our every decision, we are constantly in the masculine aspect, in the yang energy of action, competition and productivity.

In a nutshell:

To get out of the trap of the mind during our journey of spiritual growth, we need to reconnect with our deepest faith, our divine faith. This is of course done with the intelligence of the heart. We cannot make sense of the mysteries of this world and of our existence and our divine origins with the mind; it’s a false path, a dead end, it’s illusory. The only valid purpose of human existence, apart from experimenting and learning, is to anchor what we are divinely in matter, not so much to develop anything, not even our gifts. Let’s be here who we are above: “as above so below”.


In my experience, it’s better to be aware of these traps and to be able to spot them early on, because once you’ve fallen into them, it’s hard to get out. It takes hard work, confidence and humility. These traps teach us about ourselves and so we need to keep them in mind.

As part of our spiritual growth, we navigate amongst the three traps on an ongoing basis: fear, ego and the mind. What makes the difference is our capacity for introspection, for working on ourselves. We must also remember that when we no longer know who to believe, we can always rely on our feelings. They never lie.

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