The first trap: fear

Consequences :

Fear prevents our spiritual growth. The vibration of fear anesthetises the root chakra and keeps us in low frequencies because we are left feeling insecure. We are unable to move forward or go towards what we really want deep down. It is a very disabling trap. 

Fear limits our spiritual growth by preventing us from manifesting in matter, in this plane and not just in our heads, our dreams, our projections and our minds. Fear prevents us from finding the balance between our feet on the ground and our head in the clouds. It limits us when we try to make our way in the density of 3D.


It can be the fear of change that makes us cling to harmful situations or people, for example, but also false beliefs about ourselves and the world around us (the famous limiting beliefs we hear so much about). 

Fear of others and their judgment makes us act in order to be liked by others and sometimes pushes us to be unfaithful to what we have inside of us (saying yes when we mean no).  

Fear of consequences also hinders our spiritual growth. We are reluctant to make choices because we are afraid of giving up the options we have. We are afraid of doing the wrong thing or of making a mistake and missing out. 

This leads us to the fear of losing, which is also very disabling for our spiritual growth. We are afraid to question what we have, because we see it as something we possess, when in reality we have nothing except ourselves (and even that is debatable). We are afraid of disappearing, of dying (metaphorically) because our ego keeps us in the already ‘known’ in order to be reassured. This is the ‘comfort zone’, the sphere of existence in which we feel secure (even if we want to change it or if it makes us unhappy).

Fear delays our spiritual growth because it can also keep us in a state of jealousy towards others, those we perceive as living their lives beyond their fears, those who dare to be… Jealousy is a human feeling that teaches us something. We can feel it, but we mustn’t cling to it. If we are honest with ourselves, we will find the answers that will enable us to overcome this feeling.  

In a nutshell:

Overcoming your fears is a journey, a learning process that takes patience and willpower. The seed to cultivate is confidence. Confidence in ourselves and in the universe, confidence that we are exactly where we need to be in order to evolve. Living with confidence is the first step in spiritual growth, enabling us to overcome our fears.

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