In this article I’d like to share my experience of meeting dragons. I had already sensed their presence during some of the shamanic trances I had done, but it took a much deeper turn after being in contact with Virginie. In the spring of 2023, Virginie consulted me because she needed energetic work to be done for her son and her. As soon as I connected to her at the start of the session, I immediately found myself in a sort of cave with very low light levels, and I could see beings staring at me in the dark. I took the time to adjust my vision and sended out a wave from my heart to show who I am, and little by little they revealed themselves. I saw their faces, there were several of them looking at me in the dark. Blue dragons. They explained to me that they are connected to her “we are Virginie’s family”. I leaned forward to greet them, honored by this beautiful invitation and delighted by this meeting with dragons. They made me understand their benevolent presence around her and their participation in her healing. They were holding space, as we say in English.

Virginie and I got along well. Shortly afterwards, we decided to exchange skills. I offered her a post-natal session and she offered me a hypnosis session. I prepared a personal intention and went for it, without any particular expectations, really out of curiosity and intuition. I felt I could trust her. And then, surprise, I met my dragon, I reconnected with him, I felt ‘at home’, we connected telepathically (by joining our third eye), we cuddled, we met again after a very long time, at last! I felt a great upheaval and I was filled with happiness. I was reunited with my friend, my partner.  He ends up telling me about the cosmic wars that took place, the defeat, the flight of the dragons to other planets.  The dragons were killed and hidden in the sea, and I escaped thanks to a hare who opened up his burrow for me (the place where we meet and reconnect during this hypnosis session). In fact, I’ve always been a dragon rider.

Some time later, during a meeting with my dragon, he decided to take me somewhere. I asked him to tell me more about dragons, I wanted to understand the mystery. So he offered me a ride and we went down into the water, underwater, to the heart of the oceans. There I met 4 giant dragons, as if asleep in the heart of the earth. I couldn’t communicate with them directly, they are in a plane of consciousness I can’t access, and above all they’re protected. So I naively asked my dragon: “There’s the proof! But why don’t they show themselves? Why do they stay hidden? Humans need to know! He patiently replied that this was not possible because it could cause too much mental troubles and psychological upheaval for the ‘mass’ of humanity who are cut off from their senses and their astral vision.

The most powerful meeting with dragons for me was a transmission I made for Virginie during a full moon evening, during which I was able to channel and retranscribe frequencies into our dimension, thanks intuitive singing and this way of speaking that we call “the language of light”; meaning the language of spirit guides.  I channeled the energy of the dragonnesses, a purely feminine energy of light and healing that soothes and relaxes our masculine side. It truly is the essence of the Divine Feminine that is activated with the transmission of these codes. I was lucky enough to meet and feel this powerful feminine energy of the dragonesses once, because I was exhausted and I asked my dragon for help because my daughter didn’t want to take a nap (mums know the struggle). He took me through an etheric labyrinth and I arrived in front of dozens of mother dragonnesses sleeping in a circle with the babies’ nest in the middle so they could rest safely, embodying the essence of the Divine Feminine and sisterhood. During this meeting with dragons, I was lucky enough to be able to benefit from this soothing and sisterhood energy, and it helped me a lot to recharge my batteries.

In conclusion, since my first hypnosis session with Virginie, and this wonderful reconnection with my dragon, I’ve regularly met dragons and dragonesses during my trances. My dragon is particularly present, answering my questions, protecting me and working with me during my shamanic transes, letting me use and merge with the power of fire and transcendence. I call him when I feel I need help and support. He comes, takes me to places to recharge and heals me. I’m extremely honored and grateful for all it brings me. 

I’m convinced that dragons still hold many teachings. They are fascinating and powerful beings, mysterious too, yet simple, accessible and wise. Beings who are intimately connected to humans and to our divine origins. 

Thank you so much Virginie for the work that you do! 



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