When we look at DNA from an energetic point of view, we realise the extent of its potential, and the infinite possibilities it holds. As proof of this, modern science, which is quite advanced in terms of knowledge, knows very little about it. It’s not enough to be able to theorise and reproduce DNA, we also need to make sense of it. DNA activation is a powerful and rejuvenating process. When our DNA is cleansed, reprogrammed and activated, and we can fully access our divine potential. That said, the mysteries that DNA holds are unsuspected and extremely vast. The concept of DNA activation is difficult to explain in human words. For this reason, I shall refrain from claiming to offer a sufficient point of view in this article. I’m simply sharing my experience. 

As we progress along our spiritual and incarnation path, DNA activation imposes itself as a key stage in our evolution. Our DNA is activated as we unlock codes in our physical bodies that, little by little and at the right moment, settle into our being and even into our cells. This enables us to raise our energy level and to manifest here, below, in matter, in this plane of existence where we are incarnated, what we are. DNA activation and how it relates to our spiritual progress, remains a mysterious process of which I would write about another time. 

I began to work with DNA in my shamanic practice during the Covid period. I was able to observe that people who came to me and who had had one or more injections of the anti-covid vaccine got their DNA repaired. Once the cleansing had been made, these people also benefited from DNA activation, i.e. the DNA became ‘awake’, ‘switched on’, as opposed to ‘asleep’ or ‘switched off’. So I concluded that these vaccines were particularly harmful to DNA, without really looking into why. I really trust the invisible and I put being in the moment above understanding and categorising whatever I am guided to do in my shamanic practice.

But then, some time later, I had several people in sessions who also benefited from DNA repairing and activation through me. So naturally I asked them if they had done the covid injections. They all said no. Faced with what seemed to be an inconsistency at the time, I asked my spiritual guides for answers. In fact, these people had received DNA activation because they were at key stages of their evolution, they needed it to be able to ‘ascend’ and continue to advance on their path to manifest their divine potential. I therefore concluded that DNA activation can be beneficial for repairing damage caused to the DNA, but also for spiritual upliftment as I’ve discussed at the beginning of this article.

Since I don’t hang out much in the spheres of ‘spirituality’ very much and I’m not on social networks, I waited to talk about this subject with three other colleagues. These people, who are all older than me and have more experience in their healing practice, told me it made sense to them. One even confided in me she was convinced that covid injections and the whole covid story has been conducted in order to damage human DNA. Without asserting anything, and apart from the immunity argument, I find this theory makes some sense, given the circumstances that led me to do DNA repairing and activation for consultants.

About two years later, as a young mother, I got faced with vaccine obligations for children. From the age of 2 months old, the reign of fear began. The process involves a vaccine calendar and multiple injections, with almost 11 compulsory vaccines! Of course, the argument is always the same: it’s for our children’s health. But we have no choice if we want our children to be minded professionally. Nor do we have the choice of sending them to school, which is also a legal obligation, and compulsory vaccines are a condition of entry. It’s either doing injections or faking them. There is apparently a ‘way out’ (in France) that we often hear about, the famous certificate produced by healthcare endorsing full responsibility in the case of harmful reaction to one of these injections. Good luck finding a doctor who will accept to be on your side! I got confused, but the guides ended up telling me that injections can be done, but that work is needed beforehand. The substance needs to be discharged, cleansed and alchemised so that the coding that impacts DNA energetically can be destroyed. I agreed. And surprise, in the vaccine substance I discovered molecules that are destined to attach themselves to the DNA in order to damage it (among other things that are irrelevant to this article).

So I was starting to begin to understand that DNA repairing and activation I had done for some consultants could in fact be linked to these vaccines. The obvious question is: why? Why would anyone -putting forward health concerns- want to damage human DNA from an energetic point of view? Why would anyone want the DNA that enables us to reach our full human potential to be “put to sleep” or “switched off”? Why make it compulsory from the cradle literally? As early as 2 months old? I honestly don’t have the answer. There could be several explanations, and you’ll find them all. My mission here is to anchor light on earth. So I confine myself to the energy work I’m guided to do. What I am sure of today, however, is that DNA holds the key to the mysteries of our divine potential and our divine origins. And the good news is that DNA, despite the attacks it suffers, can be repaired, activated and reprogrammed. No one can fight against the power of love, Solar-Christ light. No one can destroy or really replicate DNA. Light is and will always be stronger, unless we doubt it.

Yours sincerely


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