Who are the spirit guides, also known as allied spirits? This is a perfectly legitimate question, whether you’re already familiar with the jargon of the spiritual world or not. It’s a question I’m often asked when my consultants ask me how I work. I intend to offer my own personal understanding in response, based on my experience as a shamanic practitioner for just over 7 years. 

To be honest, the answers are so vast that I don’t know where to start. Indeed, the different forms of existence beyond matter are many and varied, and of course I wouldn’t claim to know them all! A starting point would be to distinguish between allies (for me, beings or entities that serve the Light, no matter what planes they may be on and where they may travel) and enemies (badly intentioned entities, demons, bosses, incubi/succubi, parasites, worms, blood or organ suckers, stranglers, splitters etc. and even certain lost dead).

The spirit guides are therefore spirits we can count on, who help us in our daily lives and whom we can call at any time. In reality, we don’t actually call them because they’re always there; we align ourselves with their frequency so that we can communicate with them. OK, but that doesn’t really answer the question, who are they? Well, I’d say they’re everything at once, all known representations of divine, even beings we’re not even aware of. Let me explain: this includes animal spirits (also known as totem animals), elementals (fairies, salamanders, nymphs and gnomes), tree spirits, plant spirits, river spirits, mountain spirits, sea spirits, lake spirits, cave spirits, creatures known today as ‘folklore’ such as dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, centaurs and mermaids. As well as other types of somewhat hybrid or humanoid beings, such as beings of the sun or of rivers (to mention only those I have met).

They include angels and archangels, such as Raphael and Azrael, and other lesser-known ones. As well as the 12 so-called ascended masters. I’m by no means a specialist in the pantheon of angels, archangels and ascended masters, but I must mention them. Having said that, I connect a lot with some of them, whom I’ll talk about later, as well as Merlin and Quan Yin. 

Guides are also the deities of religions, all traditions included! Yes, this continues to amaze me too. All the divine manifestations on earth, represented by the variety of religions, are present in the invisible. This includes the most known, such as Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. It’s not unusual for me to work with Abraham, Abdel, Buddha or Jesus Christ, but also with the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lakshmi, Parvati, Kali and Durga. This also includes pagan religions. If I have to limit myself to my own experience, I would say that the Yoruba gods and goddesses are very present. I connect a lot with Yemoja, Oshun and Oya. But also with the Egyptian gods and goddesses Anubis, Horus, Isis, Bastet and Sekhmet. I also work with Celtic gods and goddesses such as Macha, Brigid and Cernunnos. That said, I also work with Hecate and Freyja. As you can see, the list of possibilities is, I think, endless.

So endless that it makes the spirit guides beings from other dimensions, and even beyond dimensions. Sometimes beings we don’t “know” show up to help. They can be loved ones from the past or ancestors, but also spirits that would be difficult to classify, name or categorise. I’d say that’s the most difficult thing about travelling between worlds: knowing who’s who and sensing the true nature of the spirit you’re talking to, at the risk of being trapped. I therefore recommend caution and discernment during this type of encounter (even more so than usual), as the traps of the astral planes are numerous and our third eye can quickly be fooled. Clairvoyance can make us more powerful, but it can also get us caught up in the ego’s illusions, and cause us to fall. Thus we mustn’t forget our feelings, and our humility.

The guides are therefore different beings, with different energies, and they help us with their own abilities. Some are very high up and repair souls, while others are lower down, fighting demons and transmuting them. Each one has their own place. The spirit guides are not “defined” or limited beings, because they present themselves to us in the form that enables us to recognise them, they put themselves “at our level”. But what makes the difference between a guide or an allied spirit and an enemy is their very essence. Do they serve the Light, do they help humanity to rise and live in love? Are their teachings aimed at neutral spiritual upliftment without any expectations or counterparts? In my opinion, these are the questions we should be asking when differentiating between the good and the bad.

That said, nothing can be taken for granted, and those who are chosen to travel between the worlds and being the channel between matter and spirit must be beyond flawless. But that’s not enough, because two or even three opinions are better than one. Trusting each other is one thing, but thinking that we have all the keys and are above all illusions is another. That’s why we can be guided by other souls who are specialists in their field, so that we can discover these worlds more safely. Let’s trust our incarnated guides. 



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